Finally a change of mindset

Finally a change of mindset - Coloreels technology is groundbreaking

Amit Jham knows what he is talking about. He is the owner and CEO of Digitizing Mart, one of the largest digitizing centers in the world. Digitizing Mart is specialized in, as their tagline says – bringing logos to life. With more than 20 years of experience in embroidery design, Amit sure is the go-to guy to talk about what is going on in the embroidery industry. – Coloreel technology has brought the embroidery industry to the next level. It’s best described as updating from Windows 95 to Windows XP, Amit Jham says with a smile on the digital call from London.

Converting graphics into embroidery

Today, Digitizing Mart delivers 400-500 designs every day. Each one being unique. The Digitisers, who would be described as the Art Directors of embroidery, are the creative doers. The client sends a digital logo, and the Digitisers works through the design to convert it into embroidery, as similar as possible to the digital copy. With clients all over the world, from Australia to the USA and Canada, to Europe and Asia, it gets busy.

– That’s what I love with my job, that we have to be on our toes every day. Every design needs attention and creativity. It’s not as being in a factory where it’s more about the quantity of the same product. We are creating new designs for every demand, Amit says.

His job is people-oriented, managing large teams and customers. And one of the perks of the job is traveling across the world.

– Due to the Covid-19, I haven’t been traveling as much as I usually do. I miss that, visiting my clients all over the world and going to exhibitions, following the trends, and being inspired.

Finally – a technology outside the box

Amit Jham came across Coloreel at an exhibition in France. Amit realized the potential and was intrigued. He knew he was spotting something he wanted to be part of.

– This industry is very traditional. It’s very rare with groundbreaking technology showing up. I loved seeing how the Coloreel technology was innovative, outside of the box, moving up a level to Embroidery 2.0. It’s a brand-new technology that got everyone’s attention, says Amit.

Embroidery 2.0 has superior quality.

So, what is it that makes the Coloreel technology groundbreaking? First of all, we have to talk about the thread roll.

– Imagine how many thread rolls you must have in stock to be able to deliver a logo with gradients in traditional embroidery. This new technology gives you a save in storage and management. Instead of blocking your money in all the inventories, you are more flexible using one single thread, says Amit.

He is referring to how you can get all imaginable colors -– with one single thread. Coloreel instantly colors the thread at the exact moment it is needed to. No need for big storage of thread reels. The technology also improved the quality of the design.

– It’s a superior quality of the end product. The blending of the colors is so much smoother.

A bigger edge to the designs

Amit is enthusiastic about the design possibilities that Coloreel brings.

– Coloreel makes things that were impossible to produce earlier – possible. The end product has a bigger edge in many ways. The production is more efficient and the creative design ideas have less imitations, Amit thinks.

Personalization is the new black.

Taking a moment to reflect on what trends are happening right now within the embroidery industry, Amit says immediately: Personalization of products.

– People all over the world are more proudly showing logos in their clothes. It’s a statement and also a premium feeling to it, sharing initials and names.

He visited a famous sneaker-store in London, on Oxford Street, and was surprised by the long cue outside of the store.

– Customers were waiting for hours to get their name on the sneakers; they had an embroidery machine in the store, and people went crazy, Amit says.

The innovative technology of Coloreel improves the potential of making logos and embroidery personalized in both production and design.

Designing for embroidery 2.0 is a new mindset.

One challenge he is talking about is how to introduce the technology to the Digitisers, who haven’t experienced the technology themselves firsthand.

–It’s a change of mindset and there are things to keep in mind when designing for embroidery 2.0. As of now, we’ve had workshops to show the function of the technology. The technology is user-friendly once you’ve tried it. I intend to bring a Coloreel to my production team in India so that they can see the unlimited possibility for themselves, says Amit.

Before Amit logs out, he finishes off by saying:

– If you are looking for something new that will help your brand and products get that premium look and feel, this is it. I hope Coloreel maintain their lead in the industry, it’s going to be exciting to come along on their journey.


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