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In the age of fast and increasingly impersonal fashion, embroidery is the timeless and authentic alternative.

It offers a unique premium look and feel, playing with light and shadows in a way that other techniques can only dream of. Significantly boosting these fundamentals, the Coloreel technology is designed to take your offer to the next level.


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No lock stitches

Enabling high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand, the innovative Coloreel technology ensures smooth color shifting, stunning gradients, vibrant colors, minimum trims and fronts and backs with no redundant lock stitches.

Smooth front and backsides

One needle and one thread means the back of Coloreel embroideries are nearly as smooth as the front.

Durable embellishment technology

Coloreel embroideries are built to last. Made from industry industry[MM1] –standard thread, they are strong enough for tough workwear and can be washed repeatedly at 95 °C without any further treatment. In short, with Coloreel you get premium quality and longer longer lasting embroideries


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Works with any material

The Coloreel technology enables you to embroider on any material, with perfect color matching.


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