Increase your embroidery quality

Coloreel offers both higher quality and increased efficiency when producing embroidery, using fewer resources.

You, as an embroidery producer, will be able to provide better quality embroideries. Keeping track of thread tensions are reduced to only one needle instead of 9, 12, 15 or more. Changing the color of the thread and not needle also brings a smooth backside without tie-outs and trims if the shapes are connected. It will look exactly as a one-color design.

By instantly coloring the thread during production, Coloreel enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency and the time-consuming task of changing thread reels between orders is now gone.

After the coloring process, the special Coloreel thread has comparable quality levels as any other standard embroidery thread, but with the advantage of unlimited solid colors and smooth color transitions. Once the thread is colored and the embroidery is done, it can instantly be used and washed without further post-treatment.

No thread change, thus no lock stitches, improves quality and feel.

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